St. Johns Lodge Officers 2019-2020


Masonic Officers & Duties

Masonic Lodge Officer Duties are solely dependent upon leadership.

Masonic Lodge Officers, as they move through the Masonic Officer Chairs, as in any organization, could not properly function without a leadership team which provides Masonic Officer Training. A successful organization’s future depends upon how well this team of lodge officers work together to provide Masonic Officer training.

In the business world, an organization is built around Presidents, Vice Presidents, General Managers, Regional Managers, Supervisors and Workers. Each position plays an important part in order for the organization to be profitable and successful.

 In essence, the Masonic Lodge Officer duties and Masonic Officer Training structure, much like their counterparts in the business world, shoulder the Lodge Officer Responsibilities which makes a lodge successful.

Masonic Lodge Progressive Line

Lodge Officers are part of a “progressive line”, which is also known as “going through the chairs” …or as the Masonic Officer Chairs. This line of succession moves up one position at a time from one year to the next.

If no one asks to “step out of line” for any reason, 7 years from the time of becoming Junior Steward, the Master Mason will arrive at the chair of the Worshipful Master.

The progression is as follows: Junior Steward, Senior Steward, Junior Deacon, Senior Deacon, Junior Warden, Senior Warden…and then Worshipful Master. The progressive line is used in the United States and in many other jurisdictions, as well.

Lodge Elections

In the Masonic Lodge, the top five Lodge Officers are (in this order) the Worshipful Master, the Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Treasurer and Secretary are elected by the Lodge members at their annual elections.

Normally each position is filled for one year, however they may be re-elected to the same position depending on the circumstance. Lodge elections are performed via a Masonic Ballot Box. Lodge officer elections are held each year and officers “terms” are for one year only until appointed or elected to another position.

Appointed Lodge Officer Positions

The other officers, which include the Senior Deacon, Junior Deacon, Senior Steward, Junior Steward, Marshal, Tiler and Chaplain are appointed positions by the Worshipful Master. Other members of the Masonic Lodge may be called on to serve on any of the numerous committees by the Worshipful Master.

Lodge Officer Duties and Names

The duties and names of the officers are taken from very old customs dating back to the medieval stonemasons’ guilds.

Masonic Lodge Jewels

In England in the 1400s, under the reign of King Edward III, local (city) governments grew out of the merchant and craft industries in each city or town. After an operative Master stonemason created his “Master’s Piece” to the satisfaction of the Master of his craft, or guild, he was considered a “Master Mason”.

Heads of the guilds became heads of their town councils, mayors, sheriffs, etc. During this time, one of the ways which a local official proclaimed his rank was by wearing a badge of office, or jewel, on a chain around his neck. The practice is still in use today in England.

If you have ever watched a ceremony wherein a Lord Mayor (regular mayor in the United States) attends a formal ribbon cutting event, you would see an ornate necklace which is the medallion, signature of his office, around his neck. Masonic Lodge Officers carry over this ancient guild tradition, today, in the form of the symbolic “jewels” of their offices.

Lodge Officers 2019 – 2020


Worshipful Master

His Jewel is the Square, which is a stonemason’s tool to ascertain true and correct angles of the cut and smoothed stone…thus his Jewel symbolizes virtue. The Worshipful Master of a Masonic Lodge is the highest ranking of all Lodge Officers which a Lodge may elect.

Dakota Schroeder

Senior Warden

His Jewel is the Level, symbolizing that all Masons meet on the level, without regard to social, political or religious beliefs or status. The Senior Warden of a Masonic Lodge is the second in command of all Lodge Officers which a Lodge may elect.


Matthew Henderson

Junior Warden

His Jewel of Office is the Plumb, which is a stonemason’s instrument used for ascertaining the alignment of a vertical surface. It symbolizes upright behavior among Masons.The Junior Warden of a Masonic Lodge is the third in command of the Lodge

Don Fountain


His Jewel is the Crossed Quill Pens. The Secretary is the Lodge’s Recorder. The Secretary’s Lodge Officer Duties require a high degree of lodge experience, Masonic knowledge, diplomacy and, above all, detailed paperwork skills.

Paul Knight


His Jewel is a Pair of Crossed Keys, signifying he is the Collector and Distributor of all Lodge Monies as he holds the keys to the accounts. The Treasurer of a Masonic Lodge is the Chief Financial Officer of the Lodge. The Treasurer is responsible for all financial transactions.

Nick Samford

Senior Deacon 

His Jewel is the Square and Compass with the Sun in the middle. The sun signifies that his position is on the lower level, to the right of the Worshipful Master in the east. His duty is as messenger of the Worshipful Master.

Tony Crawford

Junior Deacon

Like his senior counterpart, the Senior Deacon, the Jewel of his office is the Square and Compass, however the Junior Deacon’s Square and Compass has a moon in the center(rather than a sun), which signifies that he is in the West.

Tyler Hooper

Senior Steward

His Jewel is the Cornucopia, which is an exact duplicate of the Junior Steward’s Cornucopia. The Cornucopia signifies the “Horn of Plenty”. It is a goat horn filled with the fresh fruits and vegetables to denote the “fruits of your labors” and represents a job well done.

Todd Thayer

Junior Steward

His Jewel is the Cornucopia, which is an exact duplicate to the Senior Steward’s Cornucopia. The Cornucopia signifies the “Horn of Plenty”. It is a goat horn filled with the “fruits of your labors” and represents a job well done.

Sandy Weems


His Jewel is the Crossed Batons. The Marshal is the Lodge’s Conductor or Master of Ceremonies. The Marshal of a Masonic Lodge is an appointed officer of the Lodge. The Marshal is in some jurisdictions the “Director of Ceremonies”.

John Cole


His Jewel is the Sword, by which he symbolically refuses entrance to anyone who is uninitiated in the Craft. The sword has no scabbard, as it is his symbolic duty to always have his sword drawn, ready for the defense of his post.

Ron Obenhaus


His Jewel of office is an opened book, symbolizing the Volume of Sacred Law. The Chaplain of a Masonic Lodge is an appointed officer of the Lodge.  He sits to the left of the Master. 


Mike Hurst

Master of Ceremonies

His Jewel is the Crossed Swords, The Master of Ceremonies assists the senior Deacon in preparing the Candidates in the preparation for the degrees in masonry. 


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